Standard Rates for Analysis of Archaeological and Geological Specimens by Neutron Activation

(Effective January 2017)


Sample Matrix Charge per Specimen Minimum Charge
Pottery and fired-clay briquettes 100$ 500$
Clays and soils subject to USDA APHIS 125$ 500$
Artifacts and source materials of lithological nature
(i.e., chert, basalt, etc.)
150$ 1000$
Hematite, Ochre, and Similar Matrices 125$ 1000$
Obsidian Artifacts & Source Specimens 40$ (Short)
125$ (Short & Long)
Standard rates per specimen for NAA. Pottery, basalt, and other powdered samples are measured using both short & long irradiation procedures to determine 32–33 elements. All chert samples and obsidian source samples are measured using both procedures to determine 25–30 elements. Obsidian artifacts are measured with our short-irradiation procedure to determine 5–6 elements. If additional information is needed to definitively source the artifact, a long-irradiation procedure will also be conducted. Please contact the lab directly to discuss analysis of any other archaeological or geological material by NAA.

The standard rates for NAA listed on the Archaeometry Lab website apply to cultural resource management (CRM) and other non-academic customers requesting analyses as a “Fee for Service”. We request that the customer supply a Purchase Order in advance of submitting the samples. In the event that the customer has special requirements (i.e. certifications for proof of insurance, special training, ISO9001, IRS W-9 forms, etc.), the University reserves the right to require an amendment to the Purchase Order covering the additional costs for providing this paperwork.

Note that additional fees may apply.

Please contact the laboratory to ensure an accurate cost estimate.