Standard Rates for Analysis of Archaeological and Geological Specimens by X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

(Effective May 2015)

Pottery, basalt and other geological materials are usually ground to a powder, homogenized and pressed into a pellet. Determinations of the concentrations of about 10–12 elements are possible. Obsidian artifacts and certain other samples can be analyzed non-destructively.

Sample Matrix Charge per Specimen Minimum Charge
Pottery to be powdered and analyzed as pressed pellets 50$ 300$
Basalt and other rocks to be powdered and analyzed as pressed pellets 75$ 300$
Non-destructive analysis of matrices other than obsidian 30-50$ 300$
Non-destructive analysis of obsidian 25$ 200$
Standard rates per sample for analysis by XRF

Note that additional fees may apply.

Please contact the laboratory to ensure an accurate cost estimate.