Educational Contributions: Bibliography

Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees Awarded to Students who have Received Support from the Archaeometry Laboratory at MURR

2014 (n=3)

Zachary I. Gilmore (Ph.D. from University of Florida, 2014)
Gathering Places: Histories of Material and Social Interaction at Late Archaic Shell Mounds in Florida.

Go Matsumoto (Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University, 2014)
Ancestor Worship in the Middle Sican Theocratic State.

Matthew S. Taliaferro (Ph.D. from University of Texas, Austin, 2014)
The Black Mountain Phase Occupation at the Old Town Ruin: An Examination of Social and Technological Organization in the Mimbres Valley of Southwestern New Mexico, ca. A.D. 1150-1300.

2013 (n=2)

Erica M. Begun(Ph.D. from University of Iowa, 2013)
Detecting Ethnicity at Teotihuacan through Archaeology: The West Mexican Presence at Structure N1W5:19.
Dr. Begun is a faculty member at Grand Valley State University.

Erica Gifford (M.A. from University of West Florida, 2013; advisor – J.R. Bratten)
Organic and Inorganic Chemical Characterization of Artifacts from the Emanuel Point Shipwrecks
Erica Gifford is an maritime archaeologist with Panamerican Consultants.

Daniel A. Salberg (M.A. from University of Alabama; 2013).
Ceramics and the Political Economy of Moundville: A Compositional Study Using Neutron Activation Analysis.

Robert J. Speakman (Ph.D. from University of Barcelona; 2013).
Mimbres-Mogollon Pottery Production and Distribution in the American Southwest.

Scott M. Ure (PhD from Brigham Young University; 2013).
Parowan Valley Potting Communities: Examining Technological Style in Fremont Snake Valley Corrugated Pottery.

2012 (n=1)

Clint R. Cole (Ph.D. from University of California, Davis, 2012)
Prehistoric Archaeology and the Fremont Frontier at North Meadow Valley Wash, Eastern Nevada
Dr. Cole is a Principal Investigator with Kautz Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Nathan E. Stevens (Ph.D. from University of California-Davis)
Technological Plasticity and Cultural Evolution Along the Central Coast of California.
Dr. Stevens is a faculty member at California State University-Sacramento.

2011 (n=8)

Shelby Anderson (Ph.D. from University of Washington, May 2011; advisor – J.B. Fitzhugh)
From Tundra to Forest: Ceramic Distribution and Social Interaction in Northwest Alaska
Dr. Anderson is an Assistant Profressor at Portland State University.

Destiny L. Crider (Ph.D. from Arizona State University/Anthropology, May 2011; advisors G.L. Cowgill and A.W. Simon)
Epiclassic and Early Postclassic Interaction in Central Mexico as Evidenced by Decorated Pottery.
Dr. Crider is a faculty member at Luther College.

Kristin DeLucia (Ph.D. from University of Chicago/Anthropology, 2011); advisor E. Brumfiel).
Domestic Economies and Regional Transition: Household Production and Consumption in Early Postclassic Mexico.
Dr. DeLucia is a faculty member at Weber State University.

Diana Harlow (M.A. from University of Calgary/Anthropology, 2011)
Investigation of Aspects of the Raw Materials Used in Ceramic Production in Eastern Tigray.

Alejandra M. Elias (Ph.D. from Universidad de Buenos Aires/Archaeology, 2011)
Estrategia Technologia y Variabilidad de los Conjuntos Liticos de las Sociedades Tardias en Antofagasta de la Sierra (Provincia de Catamarca, Puna Meridonial Argentina).

Cecilia Mercuri (Ph.D. from University of Buenos Aires, 2011; advisors P.S. Escola and H.D. Yacobaccio)
Variabilidad de Estrategias Tecnologicas Liticas Durante el Periodo Formativo (ca. 2400-1400 AP) en la Puna de Salta.

Hideyuki Nishizawa (Ph.D. from American University/Anthropology, May 2011; advisor – J.M. Gero)
Shifting Power and Prestige in the Ayacucho Valley, Peru's South Central Highlands: Materiality of Huarpa and Wari Ceramics.

Matthew A. Peeples (Ph.D. from Arizona State University/Anthropology, December 2011; advisors – M. Hegmon and K. Kintigh)
Identity and Social Transformation in the Prehispanic Cibola World: A.D. 1150-1325.
Dr. Peeples is an archaeologist with Archaeology Southwest.

Wesley D. Stoner (Ph.D. from University of Kentucky/Anthropology, May 2011; advisor – C. Pool)
Disjuncture Among Classic Period Cultural Landscapes in the Tuxtula Mountains, Southern Veracruz, Mexico.
Dr. Stoner is a faculty member at the University of Arkansas.

2010 (n=5)

Jennifer Boyd Dyer (Ph.D. from University of New Mexico, May 2010; advisor – A. F. Ramenofsky)
Colono Wares in the Western Spanish Borderlands: A Ceramic Technological Study.

David Cheetham (Ph.D. from Arizona State University)
Americas' First Colony: Olmec Materiality and Ethnicity at Canton Corralito, Chiapas, Mexico.

Magen E. Coleman (Ph.D. from University of Missouri/Chemistry, May 2010; advisors – J. D. Robertson and M.D. Glascock)
Radioanalytical Multi-elemental Analysis: New Methodology and Archaeometric Applications.
Dr. Coleman is a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

Lisa M. Montiel (Ph.D. from State University of New York-Albany/Anthropology)
Teotihuacan Imperialism in the Yautepec Valley, Morelos.

Tatsuya Murakami (Ph.D. from Arizona State University/Anthropology, May 2010)
Power Relations and Urban Landscape Formation: A Study of Construction Labor and Resources at Teotihuacan.
Dr. Murakami is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Tulane University.

2009 (n=5)

Matthew T. Boulanger (M.A. from University of Missouri, December 2009; advisor – M. J. O'Brien)
Pottery Production at Fort Hill (27CH85), A Seventeenth-century Refugee Community in Northern New England

Shawn Szejda Fehrenbach (M.A. from University of Hawai'i; May 2009; advisor – M. Stark )
Traditions of Ceramic Technology: An Analysis of the Assemblages from Angkor Borei, Cambodia.

Andrew P. Roddick (Ph.D. from University of California–Berkeley/Anthropology; 2009; advisor–C. Hastorf)
Communities of Pottery Production and Consumption on the Taraco Peninsula, Bolivia, 200 BC–300 AD.
Dr. Roddick is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria, British Columbia.

Jason L. Toohey (Ph.D. from University of California–Santa Barbara/Anthropology; 2009; advisor–K. Schreiber)
Community Organization, Militarism, and Ethnogenesis in the Late Prehistoric Northern Highlands of Peru.

Neill J. Wallis (Ph.D. from University of Florida; May 2009; advisor – K. Sassaman)
Locating the Gift: Swift Creek Exchange on the Atlantic Coast (A.D. 200-800).
Dr. Wallis is curator of the Florida Museum of Natural History.

2008 (n=13)

Bridget A. Alex (B.A. from Dartmouth College/Chemistry; May 2008)
Comparative Sourcing Study: Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA), Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), and Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TIMS) of Formative Period Ceramics from Teotihuacan Valley, Mexico.
Bridget is a graduate student at Harvard University.

Luis Alvarado (M.A. from Texas State University/Anthropology; 2008; advisor–B. Bousman)
Ochoa Indented Brownware: Late Prehistoric Ceramic Production in the Southern Plains.

Michael G. Callaghan (Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University/Anthropology; 2008)
Technologies of Power: Ritual Economy and Ceramic Production in the Terminal Preclassic Period Holmul Region, Guatemala.

Karen A. Caffrey (M.A. from University of Texas-Austin; 2008)
Chemical Characterization of Edwards Chert from the Callahan Divide, Jones, Nolan, and Taylor Counties, Texas, USA.

Matthew A. Chamberlin (Ph.D. from Arizona Sate University; 2008)
Evaluating the Cultural Origins of Complexity in the Ancestral Pueblo World.

Judson B. Finley (Ph.D. from Washington State University/Anthropology; 2008)
Rockshelter Formation Processes, Late Quaternary Environmental Change, and Hunter-gatherer Subsistence in the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming.
Dr. Finley is an Assistant Professor at Northwest College in Wyoming.

Meredith D. Hardy (Ph.D. from Florida State University; 2008)
Saladoid Economy and Complexity on the Arawakan Frontier.

Adam V. Kiehn (M.Sc. from University of Wisconsin-Madison; 2008)
Geochemical Fingerprinting of Specular Hematite from Prehistoric Mines and Archaeological Sites in Southern Africa.

Sarah Kelloway (B.A. from University of Sydney; May 2008; advisor – J. Birmingham )
King of Irrawang: Chemical Analyses of Colonial Ceramics
Sarah is a graduate student at the University of Sydney.

Ulrike Krotscheck (Ph.D. from Stanford University/Classics and Archaeology; 2008; advisor–I. Hodder)
Scale, Structure, and Organization of Archaic Maritime Trade in the Western Mediterranean: The "Pointe Lequin 1A".
Dr. Krotscheck is an Assistant Professor at Evergreen State College.

Jesús Enrique Oliva García (M.A. from Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas/Nuclear Science; January 2008)
Estudio Elemental de Sedimento de la Presa Julián Adame Alatorre por la Técnica de Análisis por Activación con Neutrones Instrumental.

Kristin D. Scarr (M.A. from University of Arkansas/Anthropology; May 2008; advisor – M. Kay)
Trace Element Studies of the Arkansas Novaculite.

Bernard A. Schriever (Ph.D. from University of Oklahoma/Anthropology; May 2008; advisor – P. Gilman )
Informal Identity and the Mimbres Phenomenon: Investigating Regional Identity and Archaeological Cultures in the Mimbres Mogollon.

2007 (n=8)

Rebecca Bergfield (M.A. from MU/Anthropology; January 2007; advisor – R. Benfer)
Dietary Analysis of Archaeological Hair Samples from Peru.

Javier Garcia-Inanez (Ph.D. from University of Barcelona/Prehistory, History, and Archaeology; January 2007; advisor – J. Bauxeda i Garrigos)
Archaeometric Characterization of Decorated Glazed Pottery from the Late Medieval Age to the Renaissance at Production Centers on the Iberian Peninsula.

Marc N. Levine (Ph.D. from University of Colorado/Anthropology; 2007; advisor – A. Joyce)
Linking Household and Polity at Late Postclassic Yucu Dzaa (Tututepec), a Mixtec Capital on the Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico
Dr. Levine is an Assistant Curator at the Denver Museum of Natural Science.

Holly A. Meier (M.A. from Texas State University/Anthropology; May 2007; advisor – B. Bousman)
An Evaluation of Antelope Creek Phase Interaction Using INAA.

Linda Naunapper (Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee/Anthropology; May 2007; advisor – R. Jeske)
History, Archaeology and the Construction of Ethnicity: Bell Type II Ceramics and the Potawatomi.

Gregson Schachner (Ph.D. from Arizona State University/Anthropology; April 2007; advisor – K. Kintigh)
Population Circulation and the Transformation of Ancient Cibola Communities.

Nico Tripcevich (Ph.D. from University of California–Santa Barbara/Anthropology; 2007; advisor–K. Schreiber)
Quarries, Caravans, and Routes to Complexity: Prehistoric Obsidian in the South-Central Andes.
Dr. Tripcevich is an Affiliated Researcher at the University of California–Berkeley.

Michael S. Zimmerman (Ph.D. from Brown University; May 2007; advisor – M.S. Joukowsky ).
The Hellenistic and Roman Pottery of Field I (The Village) at 'Iraq Al-Amir, Jordan: A Typological Study .
Dr. Zimmerman is an Asst. Professor at Bridgewater State University.

2006 (n = 6)

Tiffany C. Clark (Ph.D. from Arizona State University/Anthropology; April 2006; advisor – M. Hegmon).
Production, Exchange, and Social Identity: A Study of Chupadero Black-on-white Pottery.

B. Sunday Eiselt (Ph.D. from U Michigan/Anthropology; Spring 2006; advisor – R. Ford).
The Emergence of Jicarilla Apache Enclave Economy During the 19th Century in Northern New Mexico.
Dr. Eiselt is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Southern Methodist University.

Christopher P. Garraty (Ph.D. from Arizona State University/Anthropology; August 2006; advisor – G. Cowgill)
The Politics of Commerce: Aztec Pottery Production and Exchange in the Basin of Mexico, A.D. 1200-1650.

Donna M. Glowacki (Ph.D. from Arizona State University/Anthropology; April 2006; advisor – K. Kintigh).
The Social Landscape of Depopulation: The Northern San Juan, A.D. 1150-1300.

Kimberley M. Kersey (M.A. from Texas State University/Anthropology; May 2006; advisor – J. Garber)
Emerging Elite Economies: A Diachronic Perspective of Obsidian Distribution in the Belize River Valley.

Rachel S. Popelka-Filcoff (Ph.D. from MU/Chemistry; December 2006; advisors – J.D. Robertson/M.D. Glascock).
Applications of Elemental Analysis for Archaeometric Studies: Analytical and Statistical Methods for Understanding Geochemical Trends in Ceramics, Ochre, and Obsidian.
Dr. Popelka-Filcoff is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

2005 (n = 4)

Diedre G. Barrett (Ph.D. from Brown University/Anthropology; advisor – M.S. Joukowsky).
The Ceramic Oil Lamp as an Indicator of Cultural Change Within Nabataean Society in Petra and Its Environs Circa CE 106.

Scott W. Hammerstedt (Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University/Anthropology; 2005; advisor - D. Snow).
Mississippian Construction, Labor, and Social Organization in Western Kentucky.

David V. Hill (Ph.D. from U Texas-Austin/Anthropology; Summer 2005 ; advisor – J. Neeley).
Changing Factors in the Use of Materials for Making Sasanian and Early Islamic Ceramics from West Asia.

Nicole C. Little (M.A. from University of Missouri/Anthropology; Spring 2005 ; advisor – D. Pearsall/M.D. Glascock).
Chemical Characterization of Early and Late Classic Pottery from NW Belize.
Ms. Little works with R. J. Speakman at the Smithsonian Institution's Museum Conservation Institute.

2004 (n=5)

Deborah L. Huntley (Ph.D. from Arizona State U, 2005/Anthropology, May 2004; advisor - K. Kintigh).
Interaction, Boundaries and Identities: A Multiscalar Approach to the Organizational Scale of Pueblo IV Zuni Society.

Peter C. Krofges (Ph.D. from U of Albany/Anthropology; advisor – M. Smith).
Sociopolitical Organization in the Prehispanic Chontalpa de Oaxaca, Mexico:  Ethnohistorical and Archaeological Perspectives.

Nathan S. Lowrey (Ph.D. from American University, 2004/Anthropology; advisor – R. Dent).
Small Sites Archaeology at Runnoe Park: Temporary Camps Recurring Along the Western Shore of Green Bay During the Late Woodland Stage.

Sarah B. McClure (Ph.D. from University of California-Santa Barbara, 2004/Anthropology; advisor – M. Jochim).
Cultural Transmission of Ceramic Technology during the Consolidation of Agriculture in Valencia, Spain.

Hendrik Van Gijseghem (Ph.D. from U of California-Santa Barbara/Anthropology, 2004; advisor – K. Schreiber).
Community Dynamics and the Paracas-Nasca Transition of South Coastal Peru.

2003 (n = 9)

Keith H. Ashley (Ph.D. from U of Florida/Anthropology, 2003; advisor – J.T. Milanich).
Interaction, Population Movement, and Political Economy: The Changing Social Landscape of Northeastern Florida (A.D. 900-1600).

Thomas P. Barrett (Ph.D. from U of New Mexico/Anthropology, 2003; advisor – R. Santley).
Tuxtlas Obsidian: Organization and Change in a Regional Craft Industry.

Marina K.S. Ma (B.A. with honors, from Dartmouth College/Anthropology, 2003)
Examining Prehispanic Ceramic Exchange in the Basin of Mexico-A Chemical Source Analysis from Azcapotzalco.

Maria das Dores Girao da Cruz (Ph.D. from Binghamton U, 2003/Anthropology; advisor - A.B. Stahl).
Shaping Quotidian Worlds: Ceramic Production and Consumption in Banda, Ghana, c. 1780-1994

Chantal Esquivias (Ph.D. from Boston University/Archaeology, 2003; advisor – N. Hammond).
On the Edge of Empire? Settlement Changes in Chacalapan, Southern Veracruz, Mexico, During the Classic and Postclassic Periods.

Amy Jo Hirshman (Ph.D. from Michigan State University/Anthropology, 2003; advisor – H. Pollard).
A Case Study in the Relationship Between Social Complexity and the Organization of Ceramic Production from the Lake Patzcuaro Basin, Michoacan, Mexico.
Dr. Hirshman is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at West Virginia University.

Valerie C. King (Ph.D. from U New Mexico/Anthropology, 2003: advisor - )
The Organization of Production of Chuska Gray Ware Ceramics for Distribution and Consumption in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Marcia H. Rockman (Ph.D. from U of Arizona, Dec, 2003/Anthropology, September 2003; advisor – S. Kuhn).
Landscape Learning in the Lateglacial of Northwestern Europe.

Jonathan Scholnick (MA from Arizona State University/Anthropology, May 2003; advisor – B.J. Mills).
Village Formation During the Pueblo III to Pueblo IV Period Transition: Contextualizing Bryant Ranch Pueblo, Arizona.

2002 (n = 13)

Wesley Bernardini (Ph.D. from Arizona State University/Anthropology; December 2002, advisor – K. Kintigh).
The Gathering of the Clans: Understanding Migration into the Hopi Area, A.D. 1275-1400).
Dr. Bernardini received the 2003 Society for American Archaeology Award for an outstanding dissertation by a student in archaeology, and is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Redlands, Colton, CA.

Blythe A. Bowman (M.A. from University of Iowa/Anthropology; Spring 2002, advisor – R. Ciochon).
Chemical Evidence for Differential Dietary Practice and Dental Health in Roman Dobrodja: A Strontium-Calcium Study

Michael F. Charlton (M.A. from MU/Anthropology; Fall 2002; advisor – R. Rowlett).
Explaining Temporal Variation in Slag Chemistry at the Titelberg Hillfort, Luxembourg.

Travis F. Doering (M.A. from Florida State University/Anthropology; May 2002; advisor – M. Pohl).
Obsidian Artifacts from San Andres La Venta, Tabasco, Mexico.

Kathy L. Ehrhardt (Ph.D. from New York University/Anthropology; May 2002; advisor - R. Wright).
Tracing Technological Change: European Metals in Native American Contexts.

Julie F. Farnum (Ph.D. from University of Missouri/Anthropology; December 2002; advisor – R. Benfer).
Biological Consequences of Social Inequalities in Prehistoric Peru.
Dr. Farnum is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Bobbi M. Hohmann (Ph.D. from U of New Mexico/Anthropology; May 2002; advisor - R. Santley).
Preclassic Maya Shell Ornament Production in the Belize Valley.

Enrique Rodriguez-Alegria (Ph.D. from U of Chicago/Anthropology; August 2002; advisor – K. Morrison).
Objects of Power: Class Stratification and Ceramic Production and Consumption in Colonial Mexico.
Dr. Rodriguez-Alegria is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Texas in Austin.

Timothy J. Scarlett (Ph.D. from U of Nevada-Reno/Anthropology; Summer 2002; advisor - D. Hardesty).
Potting on Zion: Historical Archaeology of Technology and Utah’s Ceramics Industry: 1848-1930.
Dr. Scarlett is an Assistant Professor of Archaeology at Michigan Technical University, Houghton, MI.

Robert J. Speakman (M.A. from MU/Anthropology, Summer 2002; advisors – H. Neff & M. O’Brien).
Compositional Analysis of Pigments in Archaeology—A Case Study Using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS).

Wesley D. Stoner (M.A. from U of Kentucky/Anthropology, Fall 2002; advisor – C.A. Pool).
Coarse Orange Pottery Exchange in Southern Veracruz: A Compositional Perspective on Centralized Craft Production and Exchange in the Classic Period

Alexandra Natasha Tabares (M.A. from California State-Northridge/Anthropology, 2002; advisor – M. Love).
Long Distance Obsidian Exchange and the Origin of Mesoamerican Civilization

Andrew G. Workinger (Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University/Anthropology, 2002; advisor - A. Joyce).
The Archaeology of San Francisco de Arriba, Oaxaca.

2001 (n = 6)

Said Ennahid (Ph.D. from Arizona State/Archaeology; 2001; advisor - C.L. Redman).
Political Economy and Settlement Systems of Medieval Northern Morocco: An Archaeological-Historical Approach.
Dr. Ennahid is a professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Al Akhawayn University in Morocco.

Timothy S. Hare (Ph.D. from SUNY Albany/Anthropology; December 2001; advisor - M.E. Smith).
Political Economy, Spatial Analysis, and Postclassic States in the Yautepec Valley, Mexico.

Alyson L. Lighthart-Ponomarenko (Ph.D. from Tulane University/Geology; May 2001; advisor - S.A. Nelson).
The Geology, Petrology, and Geoarchaeology of Sierra Las Navajas, Hidalgo, Mexico.
Dr. Lighthart-Ponomarenko is a lecturer in the Department of Geological Sciences at San Diego State University.

William H. Lyons (Ph.D. from Washington State/Anthropology; 2001; advisor – P. Mehringer).
Where the Lost was Found: Geologic Sources of Artifact Raw Materials from Lost Dune (35HA792), Harney County, Southeastern Oregon.

Sachiko Sakai (M.A. from California State U-Long Beach/Anthropology; 2001; advisor – D. Larson).
Explaining Changes in Subsistence Strategies and Settlement Patterns Among the Virgin Branch Anasazi through Ceramic Provenance Study Using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry.

Thanet Skoglund (M.A. from Arizona State/Anthropology; 2001; advisor - B.L. Stark).
Imports and Imitations: Compositional and Stylistic Analysis of Aztec-style Ceramics from Veracruz, Mexico.

2000 (n = 13)

Shari Louise Chandler (M.A. from New Mexico State University/Anthropology; May 2000; advisor - W.H. Walker).
EM Sourcing Circle Phase Ceramics from Old Town (LA 113), Luna County, New Mexico.

Jelmer W. Eerkens (Ph.D. from U of California-Santa Barabara/Anthropology; December 2000, advisor - M.A. Jochim).
The Origins of Pottery among the Late Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers of California and the Western Great Basin.
Dr. Eerkens is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of California-Davis.

Eloise B. Eilert (M.A. from Northern Illinois University/Antropology; Summer 2000; advisor - M. Kolb).
By the Teeth of the Wolf: Identifying Elymian Ethnicity Through the Use of Neutron Activation Analysis.

Shannon M. Fie (Ph.D. from SUNY-Buffalo/Anthropology; February 2000; advisor - E. Zubrow).
An Integrative Study of Ceramic Exchange During the  Illinois Valley Middle Woodland Period.
Dr. Fie is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Beloit College.

Martin Giesso (Ph.D. from U of Chicago/Anthropology; May 2000; advisor - A.L. Kolata).
Stone Tool Production in the Tiwanaku Heartland. Dr. Giesso is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

Helen R. Haines (Ph.D. from U of London/Anthropology; October 2000; advisor – W. Bray).
Intra-site Obsidian Consumption and Distribution Patterns in North-Western Belize and the North-Eastern Peten, Guatemala.
Dr. Haines is an Instructor at Trent University in Canada.

Anthony S. Lyle (M.A. from U of Texas-San Antonio/Anthropology; December 2000; advisor - F. Valdez).
Investigating Social Inequality: A Comparative Analysis of Late Classic Maya Residential Sites in the Three Rivers Region.

Patrick D. Lyons (Ph.D. from U of Arizona/Anthropology; December 2000; advisor - C. Adams).
Winslow Orange Ware and the Ancestral Hopi Migration Horizon.
Dr. Lyons is the Associate Curator of Anthropology at the Arizona State Museum.

Brett Methner (M.A. from U of Kansas/Anthropology, 2000; advisor – J.W. Hoopes).
Ceramic Raw Material and Pottery Variability from La Venta, Tabasco, Mexico: "A Test for Zonal Complementarity”

Scott H. Pike (Ph.D. from University of Georgia/Geology, 2000)
Archaeological Geology and Geochemistry of Pentelic Marble, Mount Pentelikon, Attica, Greece.

Jay E. Silverstein (Ph.D. from Penn State/Anthropology, 2000; advisor – K. Hirth)
A Study of the Late Postclassic Aztec-Tarascan Frontier in Northern Guerrero, Mexico: The Oztuma-Cutzamala Project.

James Truncer (Ph.D. from U of Washington/Anthropology; 2000; advisor - R. Dunnell).
Steatite Vessel Manufacture in Eastern North America.

Kevin J. Vaughn (Ph.D. from U of California-Santa Barbara/Anthropology; 2000; advisor - K. Schreiber).
Archaeological Investigations at Marcaya: A Village Approach to Nasca Sociopolitical and Economic Organization.
Dr. Vaughn is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Purdue University.

1999 (n = 7)

Anne M. Cobry (M.A. from U of Wyoming/Anthropology; May 1999; advisor - C.A. Reher).
Sourcing the Middle Ceramic Period: Investigations of Upper Republican Ceramics on the Central and High Plains.

Andrew I. L. Duff (Ph.D. from Arizona State University/Anthropology; December 1999; advisor - K. Kintigh).
Regional Interaction and The Transformation of Western Pueblo Identities, A.D. 1275-1400.
Dr. Duff received the 2001 Society for American Archaeology Award for an outstanding dissertation by a student in archaeology, and he is currently an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Washington State University, Pullman, WA.

Charles L. Knight (Ph.D. from U of Pittsburgh/Anthropology; June 1999; advisor - O. de Montmollin).
The Late Formative to Classic Period Obsidian Economy at Palo Errado Veracruz, Mexico.
Dr. Knight is the Assistant Director of the University of Vermont Consulting Archaeology Program.

John K. Millhauser (M.A. from Arizona State University/Anthropology; January 1999; advisor - B.A. Nelson).
Ritual, Social, and Economic Dimensions of Obsidian Use in the Malpaso Valley, Zacatecas, Mexico, A.D. 500-900.
Mr. Millhauser is a Ph.D. candidate at northwestern University.

Mark A. Neupert (Ph.D. from U of Arizona/Anthropology; 1999; advisor - W.A. Longacre).
An Ethnoarchaeology Study of Pottery Production in Paradijon, Gubat, The Philippines.
Dr. Neupert is an Associate Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences at Oregon Tech University.

Danielle A. Parks (Ph.D. from MU/Art History&Archaeology; December 1999; advisor - K.W. Slane).
Burial Customs of Roman Cyprus: Origin and Development.
Dr. Parks was an Assistant Professor of Archaeology at Brock University in Canada. After a courageous battle against cancer, she passed away in 2007.

Brian A. Ramos (Ph.D. from U of California-Davis/Anthropology; 1999; advisor - ).
Prehistoric Use of the Truman/Queen Obsidian Quarry, Eastern California and Western Nevada: Technological Organization and Adaptation in the Western Great Basin.
Dr. Ramos is a Senior Archaeologist with Jones and Stokes Cultural Resources Team in Sacramento, California.

1998 (n = 12)

Mary Lee Angelini (Ph.D. from Boston University/Archaeology; January 1998, advisor - P.M. McAnany).
The Potter's Craft: A Study of Formative Maya Ceramic Technology at K'axob, Belize.

Jeffrey P. Blomster (Ph.D. from Yale University/Anthropology, 1998; advisor - M.D. Coe).
At the Bean Hill in the Land of the Mixtec: Early Formative Social Complexity and Interregional Interaction at Etlatongo, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Dr. Blomster is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at George Washington University.

Sarah O. Brooks (Ph.D. from U of Wisconsin/Geography; December 1998; advisor - W.M. Denevan).
The Development of Agricultural Terraces in the Rio Japo Basin of the Colca Valley, Peru.
Dr. Brooks is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Central Michigan University.

James W. Cogswell (Ph.D. from MU/Anthropology; December 1998; advisor - M.J. O'Brien).
Ceramic Studies in the Missouri Bootheel.

J. Andrew Darling (Ph.D. from U of Michigan/Anthropology; May 1998; advisor - J. Parsons).
Obsidian Distribution and Exchange in the North-Central Frontier of Mesoamerica, AD 0-1500.
Dr. Darling is Director of the Cultural Resource Management Program at the Gila River Indian Community.

Christophe H. Descantes (Ph.D. from U of Oregon/Anthropology; August 1998; advisor - W.S. Ayres).
Integrating Archaeology and Ethnohistory: The Development of Exchange Between Yap and Ulithi, Western Caroline Islands.

Francisco Estrada-Belli (Ph.D. from Boston University/Archaeology; December 1998; advisor - N. Hammond).
The Evolution of Complex Societies in Southeastern Pacific Coastal Guatemala: A Regional GIS Archaeological Approach.
Dr. Estrada-Belli is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.

Ruth Fauman-Fichman (Ph.D. from U of Pittsburgh/Anthropology, December 1998; advisor - R. Drennan).
Postclassic Craft Production in Morelos, Mexico: The Cotton Thread Industry in the Provinces.

Greg J. Maggard (M.A. from U of Tulsa/Anthropology; August 1998; advisor - G. Odell).
Lithic Sourcing Studies on Cherts from the Western Ozarks.

Natalia Malyk-Selivanova (Ph.D. from Rutgers University/Geological Sciences; August 1998; advisor - G.M. Ashley).
Determination of Geological Sources for Prehistoric Chert Artifacts, Northwestern Alaska.
Dr. Malyk-Selivanova is an Assistant Professor of Geology at Middlesex Community College in New Jersey.

Louise M. Senior (Ph.D. from U or Arizona/Anthropology, 1998; advisor - C. Kramer).
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1997 (n = 6)

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Dr. Biskowski is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the California State University-Sacramento.

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Environment, Lithic Economy, and Mobility during Aurignacian Occupation of the Lower Vézère Valley in France.

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Ceramic Production, Distribution, and Consumption in Two Classic Period Hohokam Communities.
Dr. Harry received the 1999 Society for American Archaeology Award for an outstanding dissertation by a student in archaeology, and she is currently an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV.

Harry B. Iceland (Ph.D. from U of Texas/Anthropology, 1997; advisor - T. Hester).
The Preceramic Origins of the Maya: The Results of the Colha Preceramic Project in Northern Belize.
Dr. Iceland is an Assistant Profesor of Anthropology at Florida Atlantic University.

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Assessment of Urban Cultural Roles from the Archaeological Record: A Ceramic Perspective.

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The Long-Term Evolution of a Political Boundary: An Archaeological Record in Jalisco.
Dr. Beekman is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Colorado at Denver.

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Dr. Braswell is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at University of California–San Diego.

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Use of Zn, Sr, and Non-Specific Indicators of Stress to Reconstruct Diet and Health at Paloma, Peru.
Dr. Farnum is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

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Dr. Glowacki is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Notre Dame University.

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Dr. Hayashida is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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1994 (n = 3)

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Pleistocene/Holocene Boundary in the Northern Andes: An Archaeological Perspective.
Dr. Gnecco is a Professor of Anthropology at Universidad del Cauca in Bogota, Colombia.

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em>Prehistoric Ceramic Sequences and Patterning in Southern New England: The Windsor Tradition.

Dr. Lizee is Director of the FASIT Support Program at Yale University.

Daniela Triadan (Ph.D. from Freien Universität-Berlin/Anthropology, December 1994; advisor - B. Riese).
White Mountain Redware: Expensive Trade Goods of Local Commodity?
Dr. Triadan is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Arizona.

1993 (n = 1)

J. Michael Elam (Ph.D. from MU/Anthropology, May 1993; advisor - R.A. Benfer, Jr.).
Obsidian Exchange in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico: 2500-500 B.P.
Dr. Elam was a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN and a Research Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He passed away in 2005.

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Group Composition and the Role of Unique Raw Materials in the Terminal Woodland Substage of the Lake Superior Basin.


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