Taylor, R. J. and V. J. Robinson
1996 Provenance Studies of Roman African Red Slip Ware Using Neutron Activation Analysis. Archaeometry 38(2):245-255.


African Red Slip ware (ARS) from Carthage and San Sisto Vecchio (Rome) was analysed by neutron activation analysis. The Carthage tableware was linked with Oudna and the type 1 lamps were probably from a northern ARS/lamp factory other than the sources currently investigated. Two samples were central Tunisian, probably manufactured at El Ala. The San Sisto samples divided into three groups and three outliers of undetermined provenance. Group 1 was central Tunisian, probably from El Ala, and was composed entirely of terra sigillata chiara C forms. Group 2 was of unknown origin within northern Tunisia. Group 3 was the largest subset and most of its constituent samples were associated with El Mahrine. Additionally, four samples were linked with Oudna.