Taylor, R. J., V. J. Robinson and D. J. L. Gibbins
1997 An Investigation of the Provenance of the Roman Amphora Cargo from the Plemmirio B Shipwreck. Archaeometry 39(1):9-21.


Eighty-six Roman amphora sherds from the Plemmirio B shipwreck, off Sicily, have been analysed by neutron activation analysis. A large group representative of the amphora cargo, mainly of forms Africana 1 and Africana 2 (from the area of modern Tunisia), waas subsequently defined. No differences between Africana 1 and Africana 2A samples were observed, thus implying a similar origin for both forms. The provenance of this cargo group was then investigated by comparison with a Roman amphora kiln data base. After elimination of the more mobile elements it was shown that the cargo amphorae were more likely to have been manufactured at kilns around Sullecthum rather than Leptis Minor. The analytical conclusions are thoroughly consistent with the known archaeological information.

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