Wolff, S. R., D. J. Liddy, G. W. A. Newton, V. J. Robinson and R. J. Smith
1986 Classical and Hellenistic Black Glaze Ware in the Mediterranean: A Study by Epithermal Neutron Activation Analysis. Journal of Archaeological Science 13(3):203-298.


Fifteen chemical elements have been measured quantitatively by epithermal neutron activation analysis in 58 sherds of black glaze pottery found in Carthage/Tunis (23 sherds), the Athenian Agora (9 sherds), Sicily (7 sherds), and several sites in Southern Italy (19 sherds). Detailed statistical analysis of the results clearly distinguishes five separate groups: (a) one of local Carthage/Tunis origin; (b) one of probable Sicilian origin; (c) a large group of Attic origin comprising sherds found at the Athenian Agora and at Carthage/Tunis; and (d) two separate groups from S Italy.

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