Undergraduate Student Research Assistants


The Archaeometry Laboratory at the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR) supports research in anthropology, archaeology, art history, and geological sciences by employing various physical and chemical techniques to examine artifacts. Often this is applied to “sourcing” studies to match an artifact with the original site, quarry, or other artifacts by comparing chemical fingerprints. Such data can help answer questions related to trade and human migration. Other applications include studies on prehistoric technology, artifact use, and artifact authenticity. Those wanting to learn more about what the Archaeometry Laboratory does are encouraged peruse this website.

Undergraduate student research assistants in the Archaeometry Lab typically prepare artifacts for analysis and help with collecting data. During the school year there are 6-8 hardworking undergraduates in our lab. Day-to-day tasks include labeling vials, grinding pottery sherds, weighing powders, and occasionally handling low-level radioactive material. Training is extensive and provided.

Students are paid to work about 10-12 hours/week during the semester and if possible, more during the summer and winter breaks. We prefer sophomores, juniors, and occasionally outstanding freshmen studying subjects related to archaeology and/or chemistry with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Time-to-time, the Archaeometry Lab has open positions, and interested students should email the Archaeometry Laboratory Manager, April Oga. Please attach your current resume and class schedule.