Visiting Scholars and Researchers

Scholars and Researchers Visiting the Archaeometry Laboratory

[Student worker weighing out samples for NAA]

Occasionally, the Archaeometry Laboratory hosts scholars and visiting researchers. Visitors may come to provide lectures, to discuss collaborative research, to use analytical instruments, or for hands-on experience analyzing compositional data.


M. Steven Shackley - Geoarchaeological X-Ray Fluorescence Laboratory, University of California-Berkeley and University of New Mexico

Ruth Fauman-Fichman – Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh

Enrique Rodriguez – Department of Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin

Lauren Zych – Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago

Royal Ghazal – Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago

Matthew Spigelman – Department of Anthropology, New York University

Donna Glowacki – Department of Anthropology, Notre Dame University

Hector Neff – Department of Anthropology, California State University, Long Beach

Masami Izuho - Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Mechael Osband – Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology, Bar-Ilan University


Akira Ono – Professor of Archaeology and Director of the Center for Obsidian and Lithic Studies, Meiji University

Laure Dussubieux – Director of the Analytical Laboratory, Chicago Field Museum

Danielle Kurin – graduate student at the Department of Anthropology, Vanderbilt University

Jian Zhu – Research Scientist at the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Changsui Wang – Director of the Joint Laboratory of Human Evolution and Archaeometry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Max Planck Institute.

Yaowu Hu – Director of the Department of Scientific History and Archaeometry, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Garman Harbottle – Department of Chemistry, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Deb Huntley – Archaeology Southwest

Mark Hauser – Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University

Gregory D. Lattanzi – Department of Anthropology, Temple University

Scott Van Kueren – Department of Anthropology, University of Vermont

Michal Artzy – Department of Archaeology, University of Haifa

Carolyn Dillian – Center for Archaeology and Anthropology, Coastal Carolina University

Margaret Beck – Department of Archaeology, University of Iowa


Leee A. M. Neri – Henry Luce Foundation Scholar, Archaeological Studies, University of the Philippines


Guillermo de la Fuente – Department of Anthropology, University of Catamarca


Yaroslav V. Kuzmin – Fulbright scholar, Russian Academy of Sciences

Research performed by the Archaeometry Laboratory at MURR after August 2016 is supported by the National Science Foundation under our current grant number 1621158. Earlier research was supported by several NSF grants including the following: 1415403, 1110793, 8801707, 9102016, 9503035, 9802366, 9977237, 0102325, 0405042, 0504015, 0802757, 0922374, and 0802757. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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